Artificial clouds over Qatar

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar. Because of complaints about the hot weather during the summer in Qatar, there were already plans for the 2022 World Cup to move to the winter. Earlier this year it was announced that there are no definite plans to change the international match calendar. Researchers at the University of Qatar are coming up with a new solution. They are developing artificial clouds. They will create a dish like construction that will hang above the soccer stadium.

These artificial clouds will hopefully protect the 10 thousand visitors and the football players from temperatures that often rise above 46 C. The construction will be powered by solar energy and held in place in the air by helium. Remote controls will be able to position the clouds to the right spot above the stadium. The researchers think all this can be achieved for $$ 500,000 per cloud. Given Qatar’s plan to build various environmentally friendly stadiums in the next 11 years, where billions of dollars are involved, it’s not a bad idea to spend some extra several millions to on a project that will make the World Cup more enjoyable for the visitors. Of course it is still questionable whether the researchers will successfully succeed in this project.
Source:, March 28, 2011


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