Doctors warn for Facebook Depression

A leading group of doctors from the United States warns for a so-called Facebook Depression. According to the doctors, the social network has a negative effect on insecure teens. According to a publication in the journal Pediatrics, insecure teenagers could become even more insecure by the in-your-face friends’ tallies, status updates and photos of happy-looking people having great times. Facebook pages can make some kids feel even worse if they think they don’t measure up. The information provides a skewed view of reality. Researchers disagree on whether its an extension of depression some kids feel in other circumstances, or a distinct condition linked with the online site. According to a group of doctors, Facebook can have a more negative effect than real-life encounters at school or in other situations. De doctors encourage parents to become more involved with the online life of their children and to make clear that Facebook does not reflect reality .
Source:, March 28, 2011


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