Girls are smarter than boys

Emancipation of girls
Girls are smarter than boys. They do better in languages, follow higher education more frequently and are more likely to get a diploma. This is evident from figures published Wednesday by the National Education Inspection. More girls than boys attend an academically orientated secondary school. The percentage of boys is higher in secondary schools specializing in vocational training .

In primary school, the number of boys and girls is about equal. Girls are generally better in reading comprehension and spelling; boys in mathematics. In special education the percentage of boys is 66 percent. More boys than girls have to redo a year at the primary as well as the secondary school level. In higher education, more women than men stick to their first choice of study and are less inclined to drop out.
Source:, March 30, 2011


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  1. Pedro says:

    Ehm, this doesn’t need to be correct. Both myself and diep onderzoek wrote some other explanations:

    Mine & Diep Onderzoek


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