Miffy in Fashion

Cartoon character as a design icon
Miffy, the bunny that Dick Bruna brought to life in 1955, has become one of the most important Dutch export products. And now she is not just a cartoon character, but also the muse of various fashion designers. This year the Dick Bruna House in Utrecht celebrates its fifth anniversary. To celebrate this event, there is a exhibition called ‘Miffy in Fashion’. Through the eyes of fashion, we get to take a look at Dick Bruna’s extensive oeuvre. National and international fashion designers have been asked to design a party dress for Miffy. The fashion designers include: Claes Iversen, Saskia van Drimmelen, Jan Taminiau and Anrealage. On the catwalk Miffy shows that she is a real design icon. In other countries and most particularly in Japan she is truly an icon. In down to earth Netherlands, Miffy remains a children’s hero.

Dick Bruna’s style can be described as simple, with restrained humor, perfectionist and persistent. All the ingredients that fashion designers strive for. In the many book covers that Dick Bruna created when he was working as a graphic designer for his family’s publishing company, a piece of clothing was at the core of his design: a large raincoat, hat or shoe. The link with fashion is therefore easily made. Yet there is a difference between fashion and Miffy. Fashion is fleeting, quick and replaceable. Miffy will probably be around for many years to come.


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