Local products at LandMarkt

Grocery’s from the neighborhood
Amsterdam has a new supermarket, Land Markt. A covered market in the North of Amsterdam, it has as many as possible products from local farms and producers. A fair and sustainable initiative, but also a realistic one. The idea is that shoppers can find all the groceries they need. So in addition to the local products, there are also the usual bags of chips, jars of peanut butter and cereals on the shelves. The store concept resembles a shop-in-shop. The baker, butcher, fish and cheese shop all have their own store. This makes it very personal. The sign above the cheese shop says Thijs’ cheese; above the meat, from the pastures of Palmesteyn. The sellers understand their product. Another advantage of shopping at the Land Markt is the ‘Tasting’, a restaurant in the store, with a lovely outdoor terrace. All ingredients that are used to cook with, can be found in the store. This makes shopping a day out on the town. The menu changes depending on what the shops have to offer that day. Even if it’s only for inspiration for your own dinner, its worthwhile to have a look at the menu. The public at the Land Market is very diverse and the market is by no means pretentious. No complicated stuff, but an easy way to bring honest and delicious food closer to the people.


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