A country of dictators

Demonstration Virus
One of the classical images of the Egyptian revolution: a toothless, shabby man looking triumphantly at the camera after Hosni Mubarak’s resignation became known, “we will be bigger than America and Europe, ” he said. “Watch us. ” Egyptians are nationalistic. So when, in imitation of Tunisia they managed to disperse their oppressor, they immediately thought that they were a example to their Arab brothers and sisters, that they honored their Pharaonic past once again and that they had proven to be a potential candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. That feeling of superiority and chauvinism goes very deep.

Therefore the demonstrations will continue. Some of the protesters want to be in the Guinness Book of Records with the largest demonstration ever. An Egyptian journalist pointed out through twitter, that people should focus on a joint goal At the moment the goals are too diffuse.. But many are now tired of demonstrating. The irritation against the protesters has been growing. An Egyptian writer complained on television that they first had to deal with one dictator, and now with lots of dictators: the young people who now say that it would have never succeeded without them, and who want to hold on like grim death. A columnist for the newspaper Al Ahram said that people become addicted to protesting and that the Tahrir Square has become a Kaaba for unemployed young people who spend all day keeping lists of who was there during the uprising and who was not.
Source: http://www.vn.nl, April 13, 2011


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