Social media takes over Jobcentre sites

Social media and work
Social media is rapidly taking over the role of the traditional jobcentre sites. More often LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are being used when looking for a job, reports Randstad. Approximately half of the employees feel that social media is useful in finding a job. This at the cost of traditional jobcentre sites. Nearly one quarter of the employees (22 percent) use only social media in search for vacancies. Twitter is getting a more prominent role on the work floor. People increasingly use a tweet instead of an e-mail to keep colleagues informed (15 percent).

The increased use aof social media in employment is a conclusion from the latest Randstad Work Monitor. Research Agency Blauw has conducted research among 810 employees, a representative section of the working population of the Netherlands. Twitter takes a prominent place in their research. It seems to be a formidable competitor of e-mail as an internal communication source: approximately 24 percent of the employees in the service industry use Twitter rather than e-mail to update their colleagues with their current activities.
Source:, April 15, 2011


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