Crowdsourcing website

World’s first crowd-sourced news site
If the rise of the citizen journalist has alarmed traditional media types, this new idea will really put them in a panic. Billing itself as the “world’s first crowd-sourced news site”, ViewsHound will rely entirely on volunteers who will contribute articles, photos, cartoons, opinion pieces… and readers. At stake is a daily $120 prize for the best contribution to the site, which will use filtering software to test for plagiarism and inappropriate content. The new site says that “entries are judged on a combination of editorial merit, page views achieved, and other interactions that readers have with the content.” There is even a whopping $1,000 up for grabs for pre-launch posters, presumably so the site has enough content to fill its front page upon launch, slated for sometime in May.

The brains behind ViewsHound set up Publisha in 2009, a web-based service that lets anyone build a digital magazine to be published as an iPad or iPhone app or as a Facebook page. ViewsHound claims to provide a “readymade audience” for wannabe bloggers and artists, which seems to us to be rather jumping the gun for a website that hasn’t launched yet and which has no content. Nevertheless, its vision of a kind of little brother for AOL’s newly-acquired Huffington Post (which doesn’t pay bloggers) combined with a more mature/longer form Digg or Reddit is certainly a new approach. And it will no doubt chime with the thousands of unpaid bloggers out there who fancy earning a modest return for their work.
Source:, April 28, 2011


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