Hidden Heroes

Simple but ingenious
The ‘Hidden Heroes’ finally have a podium. Or rather a box. In the Designhuis in Eindhoven 35 ordinary everyday objects are on display. These objects make our daily activities so easy that we don’t even notice them. They are so ingenious in their simplicity that they are taken for granted in our daily lives. The numbers in which they are produced runs in the billions, the products have become anonymous. A shame, since most products have a funny or interesting story to tell. They were originated by accident, at the kitchen table for practical reasons or as a result of a contest. Nicolas Appert, won a contest with ‘the can’ in 1809. The contest was organized by Napoleon who wanted a way to keep his troops’ food from spoiling. Now, we can’t image life without the can. In the exhibition the band aid, paperclip, juice packaging, Lego, zippers and matches are put in the spotlight in a playful and colorful way including the history of their birth. In an era in which a new product is dated within three months, it is good to see that there are products that will be around forever. Because they repeatedly demonstrate their usefulness, they are the heroes of our daily life.


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