Dutch Design
Amsterdam has a new route, which will last for two weeks. Not a bicycle or walking route, but a design route called designSalon/. Several galleries, private individuals and museums provide a platform to a number of Dutch designers who have a distinct perspective on design. With a pass, you can admire and view all the locations, from Museum Geelvinck to the Magna Plaza or Droog. A lot of famous designer’s work can be viewed including Studio Job, Marcel Wanders, Edward van Vliet and Bertjan Pot. There are many different products to admire: artwork, china, printed curtains and melted together or stacked chairs, a wheelbarrow couch, 3D printed outlets and a new ‘old’ stove. The settings where the design products are shown are a very interesting choice, for example the Museum Willet-Holthuysen, a building with a 19th century decor. Placing new designs is in a old context, provides an interesting perspective. The juxtiposition of old and new gives an extra accent to the designs. The design talent in the Netherlands is unprecedented. This initiative puts that talent in the spotlight.


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