Strawberry Earth Film Festival

Creative sustainability
Not a red carpet, but a green carpet was rolled out in front of Studio K in Amsterdam this weekend. This is the fourth edition of the Strawberry Earth Film Festival. A sustainable festival where films and documentaries are shown about our planet and its well being. It is about not however only about the films, but also a great opportunity for ‘green’ entrepreneurs and all those interested in sustainability, to meet each other in real life. In a environmentally responsible way, while enjoying a bowl of strawberries from Jan Robben, the strawberry expert, or a glass of juice from Sapmeesters. In addition to the indoor film theaters, there was an outdoor movie screen from CosyMo’s Outdoor Solar Cinema. New this year was the launch of the “Green Filmmaking Competition”. The organization not only finds it important that films are made with a sustainable theme, but would like to make the entire film industry more sustainable. The project will run for one year, with a group of fledgling filmmakers trying to look for ways the film industry can work more sustainably. That development is slowly but surely happening abroad. With the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation as a partner and an expert jury, it is a serious project. The finalists will be showing their short films at the end of next year at a new edition of the festival.


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