Arnhem introduces Amber

Arnhem Fashion Biennale
This June Arnhem is all about the Arhnem Fashion Biennale. The host is named Amber. Amber is fashion and fashion is Amber. Just as unpredictable, uninhibited and whimsical as fashion. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, sometimes beautiful in its ugliness. Fashion is very versatile, like women. That is why artistic director JOFF chose the name Amber for this edition of the Arhnem Fashion Biennale. Fashion becomes a person, a good way to explain the diversity within this field. It´s clear that fashion is not just about buying clothes. The main exhibition takes you into the world of Amber, in all her aspects. In addition to clothing there is also room for design, photography, film, audio and products, seen from a fashion perspective. There is work by Prada, Jil Sander and Klavers of Angels, but also BLESS, Martin Margiela and Iris van Herpen. The works are not just simply on exhibit. Everything is put down in a carefully designed system, which empowers the design. A painted path leads you through the old factory hall and lets you hear, feel and see what fashion is all about. This exhibition is the main activity and worthwhile, but not the only thing there is to do. There are lectures, workshops and various initiatives throughout the city. Amber lives in Arnhem ,till July third.


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