Google adding search by voice, pictures

Technology on smartphone
The plain Google search box will soon be able to handle more than taps on a keyboard. Google is bringing features pioneered on smartphones, like voice and image search, to its flagship product, the company said at a news conference here on Tuesday. The speech-recognition tool began showing up as a microphone button on the right-hand side of the search box for some visitors on Tuesday.

It will only be available on Google’s Chrome Web browser for now, but Google executives say they hope other software makers implement the technology to support the feature. Like on Android or the Google application for the iPhone, people can click the mic icon on, and say a phrase or question into their computer microphone. The speech technology attempts to account for accents and context in order to transcribe the recording into text. This produced mixed results in my testing, speaking in plain English or with a faux Cockney accent.
Source:, June 14, 2011


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