Blush. Design in full color

Colorful process
When you enter the exhibition area of the Stedelijk museum of Den Bosch you walk through a tunnel of color. The exhibition “Blush. Design in full color. “The first museum survey of the designer Scholten and Baijings. The Dutch design duo has been making products together for eleven years with a classy finish, enchanting colors and subtle use of materials. This ranges from tableware, cushions, and rugs up to tables and chairs. The focus of the exhibition lies in the way the duo works. They are a duo that likes to work well thinking. ” A method in which there is more room for surprises, which creates new results. Besides the products, there are also models and prototypes to on display. So you see how from a piece of cardboard and strips of tape you can create a dinner set. In a corner called ‘D-constructed ” you can see which parts of the product makes the design. They see their products as a sort of building kit. It is not just only their idea. The whole process and the people who are involved get attention. The duo strikes a bridge between designer, craftsmen and manufacturer. This gives their products a fine balance between design and usability. In a time where there is more room for color and design, Scholten Baijings products fall into place. Reason enough for an overview and a look behind the scenes.


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