Everybody Electric

The younger the better
A science center, that is enjoyable and understandable, NEMO in Amsterdam has one. The name refers to a kind of no man’s land, a place where visitors can crawl into the skin of scientists, technologists and technicians. Not only in there skin but also in there jacket. There is a lab where in a white coat with glasses you can do real experiments. The NEMO is not only fun and educational for children. Adults can also learn something. Especially the temporary exhibition “All Electric” is important for young and old. The oil supply is running out, and CO2 emissions have to decrease significantly. The traffic is a big problem. The solution? All Electric! Experiments with electric vehicles go back many years. The importance of it has only just accrued. The NEMO is perfect place to bring this awareness. For older visitors, it is a great opportunity to quietly learn about the possibilities. For example, the Nissan Leaf displayed, an electric family car that was declared Car of the Year 2011. The young visitors learn that a car or scooter can go into a power outlet. They are the future. There is an interactive way to explain what a smart grid is. A smart electricity grid that will be needed all day to distribute the electricity. A day at NEMO makes you see the importance of science and technology. Perhaps the youngest will realize the same and we will see them back in the lab wearing a bigger jacket though.


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