The Future Navigator

Framework for the innovation industry
The Future Navigator is a generic and dynamic map that acts like a framework for the innovation industry, showing how its diverse approaches interrelate. It was gradually filled with the innovation approaches presented in Road Trip to Innovation in order to start a conversation regarding their meaning and purpose. It can be looked at as a chess table. Anybody who has additional information and strong motivations can modify it. The idea of the Future Navigator acting as a framework is to design a space where everybody from the innovation industry can find their place.

I drew two axes and assigned values: think-act (from low involvement with the client to high involvement) and watch-interpret (from the market to the consumer). If you follow the map clockwise from left to right you will notice that it starts with impulses and ends with processes and goes from a short-term to long-term look into the future. In an innovation project, the axes don’t need to be followed in any one particular sequence. Alternatively, each approach could be a standalone activity.


Watch is about researching, looking for signals and trends.
Think of their meaning for today’s society, their interdependence and impact in general.
Interpret refers to extracting meanings and insights from a research process and eventually applying it for building a new product or service strategy. Defining the information in a context.
Act is the implementation, the concrete steps that have already been defined, through various research methods: who, when, where, how.

Three years ago I started my road trip to find out what innovation is made of and I never stopped since. Creating the Future Navigator was to understand the differences between innovation approaches. I believe now, it is time to explore their overlaps and LaFutura is a great place to do so. All those innovation methodologies and companies out there didn’t fully understand yet that they are no competitors. They are complementary and aim for the same targets. They should start talking, mingling and exploring their overlaps to create holistic innovation approachs and courageous collaborations, to break boundaries and create the future together.
Delia Dumitrescu,


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