Introducing MOOD Concepts

Change of era
This timeframe is not an era of change but a change of era, as social geographer Herman Verhagen stated. The impact of this insight is enormous, because we have to rethink and recreate not just products, projects and services as usual. We will have to redefine the way we work, the way we are organized, the way our welfare state is functioning. In fact, our whole system of producing and consuming has to be reinvented. But the good news is, we don’t have to do this all by ourselves and all at once. We can start with the things and the processes that are important to us and that we are familiar with. Our first step into the direction of a better future is to rethink and redefine the basic ingredients of the design process: colour, material and shape. In fact, the basic ingredients for creation itself.


MOOD Concepts is a publication on trends and design concepts concerning colour, material and shape by trend studio Trendslator.
• At the beginning of a new era insights in trends and inspiration for concepts are the key to a better future.
• Concepting as a means for creation and innovation has outgrown product development. It is a powerful tool for companies to stay focused and be innovative at the same time.
• This publication provides designers, innovators and creators with the tools to translate trends and ideas into concepts.
For more information and pre-order.


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