Welcome to LaFutura 2013


Building the future industry
You are welcome to register to this international co-working unconference now! Go to www.lafutura2013.com for more information.

LaFutura is a network and an annual gathering of futurists, innovators and trendspotters from all over the world. On November 11th 2013 the fourth edition of LaFutura will take place in Amsterdam. The goal of this meeting is to map the business of trend research and future insights. The outcome of LaFutura 2013 will be a framework of the future industry of today and a road map to the future industry of tomorrow.

LaFutura 2013 will be a co-working unconference. People from all disciplines working with trends and the future are invited, from trend researchers to scenario planners and from concept developers to innovation managers. There will be no celebrity keynote speakers and no impressive slideshows and presentations. Participants will bring in their expertise and knowledge and share insights and ideas in a dynamic format.

2013 is a year in which the city of Amsterdam celebrates its great history and at the same time builds on the future. The event will take place at inspiring and dynamic locations. Both international and local, chic and rough, historic and futuristic, to accommodate the diversity of the industry and encourage international co-operation in the future. Join us at www.lafutura2013.com and spread the word #lafutura2013.
Erica Bol, Djenny Brugmans, Siang-Lan Go, Monica Kiezebrink and Hilde Roothart


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