Future industry: What the World can Expect

LaFutura2013: annual meeting of trend watchers, futurists and innovation managers to take place in Amsterdam

What does the world stand to gain from the emerging future industry, bringing forward such illustrious new job titles as trend watcher, futurist and innovation manager? The answer to that question will be the outcome of “NOW NEW NEXT, Building the future industry”, an international gathering of future thinkers and doers in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, this November.
LaFutura 2013 is the fourth meeting of the international network, which was started by Berlin based TrendOne. After New York and Helsinki, Amsterdam will be the venue for 2013.


Although it is often thought to be about fashion and hypes, the future industry mixes influences from different fields such as sociology, psychology, technology, marketing, communication and design. With methods for identifying and interpreting social developments this upcoming industry offers powerful management tools for commercial, governmental and non-profit organizations.

“Because the world is changing so fast there is a growing need to reflect on the future,” says Dutch co-organizer Hilde Roothart from Trendslator. “The future industry brings together creative minds from different fields who look at things from different perspectives. If we can work together to combine and improve our methods of observation and interpretation, these techniques will make it possible to find new solutions for existing and upcoming challenges.“

For LaFutura 2013 people from all disciplines working with trends and the future are invited. The meeting will be a co-working unconference, without celebrity keynote speakers but with every opportunity to share insights and ideas. Go to www.lafutura2013.com for more information and registration to this event.


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