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Trend and design concepts
Designers are the inventors of the 21st century. Their design objects are not supposed to impress the consumer but to inspire the citizen. Their work is not about the material value of their products but about the immaterial value of their ideas, offering insights and presenting solutions for a post-carbon and post-capitalist world.
Hilde Roothart
MOOD Concepts is a publication on trends and design concepts concerning colour, material and shape.
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Trend and design concepts for a new era

MOOD Concepts by Amsterdam based studio Trendslator has just been published. What is this publication about? Three simple questions for trend researcher and founder of Trendslator Hilde Roothart.


WHY? ‘As a trend researcher I am constantly connected to information about short and long term changes. What strikes me at this very moment is that our collegues in the Netherlands and abroad are all saying the same thing: we are heading towards a new era with different values and rules. Our world is rapidly and fundamentally changing into a post-capitalist society in which values based on status and materialism will be no longer valid. Processes as well as products and services will have to be reinvented. This is also true for the creative industry. Traditional methods concerning colour, material and shape are no longer an option. We will have to reinvent the way we work with these basic ingredients of creation as well.’

HOW? ‘During our work as trend researchers and concept developers we have visited an enormous amount of exhibitions, fairs from all kinds of industries, art shows, cultural events and so on. Materia and Material Xperience have presented us with the most innovative materials worldwide. We have made numerous photographs and collected an enormous amount of information and inspiration. At our studio we have structured this information – well, that’s what trendwatchers are so very good at – and translated it into strategic insights and loads of design concepts and ideas for professionals that are working in the creative industry. We did all of that with the ambition to go beyond the usual and the predictable to prepare our audience for this new post-capitalist era.’

WHAT? ‘MOOD Concepts consists of three parts, fifteen chapters and loads of strategic insights and design concepts for designers and creative directors, design and brand managers, concept and business developers of trendsetting small entrepreneurial and influential big companies. It is being presented in a print version in a handmade binder and a screen version as a download. The concent is offered in the form of a 4-step-process, from investigation, inspiration, imagination to realisation. It can be ordered online at and with agents in several countries in Europe. The price is € 395,00 excluding VAT. Be prepared for a new era of creativity and innovation.’