PreEvents for LaFutura 2013

PreEvents in Bonn, Helsinki and Amsterdam
In order to optimize the outcome of the co-working unconference LaFutura 2013 on November 11th in Amsterdam we have organised a sequence of pre-events in different cities in Europe. And as part of this series we organised two pre-events in Amsterdam at the end of September.


The first Dutch event on September 25th was attended by different people from mainly the supply side of the future business. As on the 26th the majority of the attendees was from the demand side. We have chosen this design because of LaFutura’s theme of this year ‘NOW NEW NEXT Building the future industry’ which is for the morning program ‘mapping the future industry of today’. The afternoon will be structured around the theme ‘building the future industry of tomorrow’. The supply side tackled the theme ‘who are we and what do we do’ in order to contribute to the ultimate goal to create an organized future industry with happy clients. The demand side tackled the question ‘how can we connect future questions with the future industry’.


These pre-events had the same unconference character as the main gathering will have. Therefore it was co-creation and picking and mixing the brainpower present. The outcome of the first events where four models or maps (including ‘The Future Navigator’ by Delia Dumitrescu) with the working titles ‘Attitude versus processes’, ‘Travel guide’ and ‘Network of spheres’. During day two the future related questions where plotted on those different maps. It wasn’t a piece of cake to come up with ultimate questions, answers and maps but steps were made towards more clarity and mutual understanding grew. The outcome of the Dutch days will be combined with the outcomes of Helsinki and Germany and the key findings and key learnings will in their turn be input for November 11th. We thank all the attendees for their effort and input and for bringing the goal a bit closer.
Caroline van Beekhoff



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