Welcome to LaFutura 2015

Future industry
On October 14th 2015, the 6th edition for LaFutura will take place in Vienna, Austria. LaFutura is the annual one-day gathering of futurists, innovators and trendspotters from all over the world to exchange insights with the aim of developing the trend and futures industry. The event will give you a unique opportunity to get a sneak preview of the most popular trend reports of 2016 from the biggest trend agencies all over the world.


A day filled with fascinating speakers and corporate experts from the trend and innovation industries, each sharing their insights and experiences. This collaboration opens up the topic and aims to recognise and interpret the big shift from market research to trend research. Why is it so important to invest in trends and how do we evaluate the important topics for our business?

In various location set-ups, you have the chance to glimpse the future, sample the latest and newest tech, receive insights into the biggest industry changing trends of 2016, or join a workshop on innovation strategy and consumer insights.
Check the programme and buy your ticket at www.lafutura.de.


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