The Wheel of W

Fuzzy front end
Some people call it the fuzzy front end of innovation. An insight-driven and foresight-inspired search for new opportunities and ideas that can be applied to business strategies and models, products, services and experiences. It is both a creative and an analytical process to better identify consumer needs, collect insights, explore white spots and create possibilities.

It’s a fuzzy process: Why should you start a trend driven innovation project? How can you organise it? And what are the results that you are aiming at? Any Futuring project or process requires well-thought through preparation and investigation in the beginning. A clear assignment will have to be formulated to organise the process from start to finish.

Trend driven innovation as a road trip to innovation requires guidelines based on best practices and past experiences. The Wheel of W shows the six questions that need to be answered during the six phases of Futuring. They will structure the process and will give directives for the outcomes and deliverables.


• why do we need to innovate?
• what is the goal of our efforts?
• what kind of innovation, big or small, are we focusing on?

• who do we consider to be the target group?
• who will be involved in the process and what do we expect from them?
• which companies or organisations could become our partners in innovation?

• how will the project or process be executed?
• what methods or instruments will be used?
• how will the outcomes be aligned with business strategies and targets?

• what should be the outcomes of the project or process?
• what kind of results in terms of value do we expect?
• how can we measure those results?

• what is the scope of the process in terms of timing?
• what is the planning of the project or process?
• when will the outcomes be implemented and how can we organise that?

• where will the results be introduced?
• which markets are we aiming at in which continents or countries?
• which distribution channels, online or offline, can be used?


Futuring Model

A more holistic approach to the process of researching and translating trends based on Futuring®.


The Futuring Model consists of six areas:
• Investigating
Evaluations, recommendations and preparations
• Researching
Market trends, consumer trends, social trends
• Selecting
Past, present and future identity of the brand, company or organisation
• Translating
Market insights, consumer insights, social insights
• Creating
Concepts, strategies, scenarios
• Implementing
Business plan, marketing plan, design plan etc.

Applying the Futuring Model will result in trend driven innovation on a continuous base for your brand, company or organization. More information? Contact Hilde Roothart at Trendslator.

Build the future industry at LaFutura 2013


Explore, connect and build the future industry at LaFutura 2013
We are excited to inform you with the latest news about the international co-working unconference LaFutura 2013 ‘NOW NEW NEXT Building the future industry’.

Unconference! What’s that?
Unconference means there will be no celebrity keynote speakers and no impressive slideshows and presentations. Every participant can bring in his or her expertise and knowledge and share insights and ideas with experts and professionals in the fields of trend research, future foresight and trend driven innovation.

More than 100 participating innovators from at least 10 different countries will join hands at 3 wonderful locations.
You can become part of a group of more than 100 participating innovators from at least 10 European countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Finland and Russia.

We will meet at 3 wonderful locations to explore, connect and build the future industry. At the SkyLounge of DoubleTree by Hilton on Sunday November 10th, at Pllek on Monday November 11th and at The Café of the Rijksmuseum on Tuesday November 12th.

What’s in it for me?
You will be able to take home with you:

• a framework of the future industry of today

• a road map to the future industry of tomorrow

And next to that you will:

• become a part of an international network of forecasters, researchers and innovators

• share ideas and insights with a group of specialists and experts in the field

• gain knowledge on methods and instruments that will add to your expertise and profession

Am I invited?
Join us and share your intelligence and intuition, thoughts and ideas for a common purpose: professionalizing the future industry! You are invited to register before November 4th. The price is € 295,00 incl. all drinks on Sunday, lunch and dinner on Monday and breakfast on Tuesday excl. VAT.

You will find more information on For any questions, feel free to contact us at Spread the word #lafutura2013 and join the conversation.

On behalf of the Amsterdam team of LaFutura 2013,
Caroline van Beekhoff, Erica Bol, Djenny Brugmans, Siang-Lan Go, Monica Kiezebrink and Hilde Roothart

PreEvents for LaFutura 2013

PreEvents in Bonn, Helsinki and Amsterdam
In order to optimize the outcome of the co-working unconference LaFutura 2013 on November 11th in Amsterdam we have organised a sequence of pre-events in different cities in Europe. And as part of this series we organised two pre-events in Amsterdam at the end of September.


The first Dutch event on September 25th was attended by different people from mainly the supply side of the future business. As on the 26th the majority of the attendees was from the demand side. We have chosen this design because of LaFutura’s theme of this year ‘NOW NEW NEXT Building the future industry’ which is for the morning program ‘mapping the future industry of today’. The afternoon will be structured around the theme ‘building the future industry of tomorrow’. The supply side tackled the theme ‘who are we and what do we do’ in order to contribute to the ultimate goal to create an organized future industry with happy clients. The demand side tackled the question ‘how can we connect future questions with the future industry’.


These pre-events had the same unconference character as the main gathering will have. Therefore it was co-creation and picking and mixing the brainpower present. The outcome of the first events where four models or maps (including ‘The Future Navigator’ by Delia Dumitrescu) with the working titles ‘Attitude versus processes’, ‘Travel guide’ and ‘Network of spheres’. During day two the future related questions where plotted on those different maps. It wasn’t a piece of cake to come up with ultimate questions, answers and maps but steps were made towards more clarity and mutual understanding grew. The outcome of the Dutch days will be combined with the outcomes of Helsinki and Germany and the key findings and key learnings will in their turn be input for November 11th. We thank all the attendees for their effort and input and for bringing the goal a bit closer.
Caroline van Beekhoff


LaFutura 2013 in Amsterdam

On November 11th 2013 researchers, innovators and creators will gather in Amsterdam for the co-working unconference LaFutura. The goal of this meeting is to map the business of trend research and future insights in order to create a framework for this new industry. The theme of this event is ‘NOW NEW NEXT Building the future industry’.

People from all disciplines working with trends and the future are invited, from trend researchers to scenario planners and from concept developers to innovation managers. Our starting point is a map called ‘The Future Navigator’, described by Delia Dumitrescu in the book ‘Road Trip to Innovation’. This will be a day full of insights and challenges on the future of this rising new industry.


LaFutura is a network and an annual one-day gathering of futurists, innovators and trendspotters from all over the world, to exchange insights with the aim to grow the trend and futures industry. LaFutura has been organized three times before, in Berlin, New York and Helsinki, where it brought together over 100 experts involved in trends and innovation. The event is organized on a non-profit basis and was initiated by TrendONE

Amsterdam 2013
Amsterdam is the place to be in 2013, a year in which the city looks back at its great history and at the same time builds on the future of their citizens and visitors. The city celebrates memorable events like 400 years of world famous canals, the re-opening of the Rijksmuseum and the inauguration of a new king.

The organizing team is a local network of professional trend researchers, strategic thinkers and concept developers gathered by Amsterdam based trend studio Trendslator. Join us and share your intelligence and intuition, thoughts and ideas for a common purpose. Save the date and stay tuned!
Erica Bol, Djenny Brugmans, Siang-Lan Go and Hilde Roothart