Netherlands under the spell of optimism

Increased cheerfulness
We are still not a society that always smiles when the sun is shining, but the Social Cultural Planning Office signals a trend in the national state of mind: more and more Dutch people see that The Netherlands is heading in the right direction. Since the introduction of the Citizen Perspective Research project, the Social Cultural Planning Office had found that one forth of the people were constantly optimistic about the state of the country.

From the 13th and latest measurement, the image arises that optimism has increased dramatically. Now one third of the Dutch people get the feeling that everything will turn out fine. “An unexpected optimism that we have never measured before” says SCP-reasercher Paul Dekker. Where does this increase (with the side note that 56 percent of the Dutch people are not that positive about the future) in buoyancy comes from? The SCP-reaserchers believe that it has to do with the new cabinet. According to the reaserchers, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his colleagues make a positive impression. A growing number of Dutch people associate the new government with ‘a fresh sound’, decisiveness and the habit of calling a spade a spade when it comes to naming national problems.
Source:, April 4, 2011