Exposition Fair Fashion Lab

Every day some 30 million people around the world are exploited so that we can wear clothes. A long series of factory disasters caused by irresponsible production under dangerous conditions reached an all-time low last year with the tragic disaster at the clothing factory in the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, which killed more than 1.1oo people. More and more people and consumers feel that things cannot continue like this and are looking for solutions to the problem. That’s why Humanity House is investigating the future of fair fashion in a temporary exhibition entitled Fair Fashion Lab.


Fair Fashion Lab presents six striking approaches that demonstrate the power of design, art and technology in the search for unusual and surprising solutions to problems in the clothing industry. In addition, Humanity House wants to engage in dialogue with the clothing industry and with exhibition visitors. Six renowned and talented designers and artists each occupy a space in the lab where they can trigger visitors and set them to work with solutions for sustainable and fair fashion: artist Arne Hendriks, the controversial artist TINKEBELL, fashion designer Monique van Heist, trendwatcher Hilde Roothart and researcher Natascha van der Velden. Hilde Roothart is among the best-known trend watchers and trend interpreters in the Netherlands. In the exhibition she restores the relation between designer, maker and consumer. Using a loom installation, visitors will jointly create a work of clothing art.



The future industry at LaFutura 2013

Co-working unconference
At November 11th 2013, the fourth edition of LaFutura took place in Amsterdam. The theme and the goal of this international co-working unconference was ‘NOW NEW NEXT Building the future industry’. This goal was realized by working together to map the world of trendresearch and future insights, and to create a framework and a road map for this soon to be industry. A different approach: LaFutura 2013 was not about trends or trendwatching, but about different methods concerning the why, how, what and when of the future industry. The organizing team was a local network of professional trend researchers, strategic thinkers and concept developers gathered by Amsterdam based trend studio Trendslator.


LaFutura has been founded because of the need for an overview for this new and upcoming industry, which not only exists of trendspotters and innovators but f.i. also of academics from all over the world. LaFutura 2013 in Amsterdam was a unique opportunity for professionals to share their intelligence and intuition, thoughts and ideas for a common purpose. Swapping ideas and knowledge was the most important goal of this meeting: researchers, analysts and creators were collaborating in groups to create a framework and a road map for the future industry. It was also examined how cooperation and commitment were most effective for strategy and future thinking. The final result was a clear overview of the current situation and a plan of where the trend and future professionals where heading to in the future.

A day before the unconference a meet and greet took place at the Skylounge of DoubleTree by Hilton, where all visitors could get to know eachother and get a glimpse of the city of Amsterdam as well. The co-working unconference took place at Pllek, located near Amsterdam IJ. It ended up with a special dinner. The next day there was a farewell breakfast at the Café of the Rijksmuseum.
Diana Sleegers
www.lafutura2013.com, www.lafutura.de

The MOOD is irregular


Trend and design concepts
How much do we like to hang on to the things that we have and the wealth of the western world. But the future is not to be found in the museums of Rome and Athens. Thruth and beauty can be found anywhere, even where you would least expect them: somewhere outerspace or in remote African villages.
Hilde Roothart
MOOD Concepts is a publication on trends and design concepts concerning colour, material and shape.
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PreEvents for LaFutura 2013

PreEvents in Bonn, Helsinki and Amsterdam
In order to optimize the outcome of the co-working unconference LaFutura 2013 on November 11th in Amsterdam we have organised a sequence of pre-events in different cities in Europe. And as part of this series we organised two pre-events in Amsterdam at the end of September.


The first Dutch event on September 25th was attended by different people from mainly the supply side of the future business. As on the 26th the majority of the attendees was from the demand side. We have chosen this design because of LaFutura’s theme of this year ‘NOW NEW NEXT Building the future industry’ which is for the morning program ‘mapping the future industry of today’. The afternoon will be structured around the theme ‘building the future industry of tomorrow’. The supply side tackled the theme ‘who are we and what do we do’ in order to contribute to the ultimate goal to create an organized future industry with happy clients. The demand side tackled the question ‘how can we connect future questions with the future industry’.


These pre-events had the same unconference character as the main gathering will have. Therefore it was co-creation and picking and mixing the brainpower present. The outcome of the first events where four models or maps (including ‘The Future Navigator’ by Delia Dumitrescu) with the working titles ‘Attitude versus processes’, ‘Travel guide’ and ‘Network of spheres’. During day two the future related questions where plotted on those different maps. It wasn’t a piece of cake to come up with ultimate questions, answers and maps but steps were made towards more clarity and mutual understanding grew. The outcome of the Dutch days will be combined with the outcomes of Helsinki and Germany and the key findings and key learnings will in their turn be input for November 11th. We thank all the attendees for their effort and input and for bringing the goal a bit closer.
Caroline van Beekhoff


The MOOD is glass


Trend and design concepts
It is time to accept the state of our culture and economy. Fighting against the circumstances like Don Quixote doesn’t take us anywhere. Let’s cherish the things that we have, look at nature and our natural surroundings with an open mind and use and share our creative power for creation and innovation.
Hilde Roothart
MOOD Concepts is a publication on trends and design concepts concerning colour, material and shape.
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The MOOD is yellow


Trend and design concepts
We used to call it the information age, a future in which a dazzling amount of data would make everyone knowledgeable. However, nowadays we experience the need to draw back from a society that causes an overload of information and choices. Technology should’t takeover but should answer to the evolution and the laws of nature.
Hilde Roothart
MOOD Concepts is a publication on trends and design concepts concerning colour, material and shape.
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The MOOD is square


Trend and design concepts
Designers are the inventors of the 21st century. Their design objects are not supposed to impress the consumer but to inspire the citizen. Their work is not about the material value of their products but about the immaterial value of their ideas, offering insights and presenting solutions for a post-carbon and post-capitalist world.
Hilde Roothart
MOOD Concepts is a publication on trends and design concepts concerning colour, material and shape.
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