Trend Network

Caroline van Beekhoff operates as TrendStrategist & Sculptor. Caroline clarifies and translates trends, stories and directions and makes them concrete with the identity and strengths of the client as the main ingredients. Furthermore she writes and teaches students the manner and insights needed to translate trends and make them work for businesses.

Erica Bol is extensively studying how to improve the integration of future research in an organizational environment with her PhD study. Next to this she lectures about trend research and concept development at the Fontys Academy of Creative Industries. She feels it is important to professionalise the ‘future industry’ for a better recognition of our work.

Tony Bosma is a leading trendwatcher and futurist. He is the founder of Extend Limits and a frequent professional speaker and advisor covering a wide range of topics like trends, innovation, strategy and vision development for organizations and several governments. Tony communicates his vision on the future also as a blogger and a writer.

Djenny Brugmans partner of Rozenbrood | Picturing the future, a studio for trend research. Together with Nanon Soeters she communicates about the values of today’s consumers, and the value changes that are bound to happen in the future. Based on these they inspire their clients to develop new projects and services.

Marcel Bullinga Futurist & Trendwatcher who presents the future of abundance, from social robots to human talents & 100% interactive. Are You FutureProof? Author of Welcome to the Future Cloud – 2025 in 100 Predictions. Member of @trendrede, Academy for Media Literacy, Techcast, ShapingTomorrow, World Future Society, Singularity Hub.

Tessa Cramer (1985) is lecturer futures studies, research and sociology at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries. Similtanously Tessa works on a PhD study at Maastricht University on the professionalisation of futures studies. Tessa is boardmember of the Dutch Future Society. She has previously worked as a researcher for trend forecasting agency’s and as an editor for trend magazine Second Sight.,

Siang-Lan Go (1963) is a connector between the worlds of marketing and product development. Educated in marketing and industrial design, she has been integrating both disciplines in her approach of innovation and product development. Siang-Lan develops concepts and products from a brand and identity point of view: conceptual.

Irene Koel started in advertising, switched to marketing, became entrepreneur, investor, connector and beekeeper. Motivational speaker, creative station for marketeers, storyteller and teacher by building new business concepts together with teams. Trend watching has been a mandatory skill within her work for several companies. 

Take part in a breathtaking journey into the future. Experience the world’s most important innovations and trends. Nils Müller is Founder and CEO of TrendONE. He is famous for his stirring future journeys and for his inspiring presentations about worldwide Innovation-Hotspots & Trends. Nils has exceptionally wide-ranging experience as a speaker, and has already given over 200 keynote presentations.

Hilde Roothart is trend researcher and founder of Trendslator, a trend studio that researches changes and developments and translates trends into strategies and concepts. Social changes and trends in consumers’ behaviour are translated into marketing focused proposals, combining analytic and creative methods.


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